Our Guarantee
  1. Two year plant replacement: Hardy outdoor trees and shrubs purchased from O'Donal's Nursery will live at least two years from purchase date. Because we sell plants to three different hardiness zones, (each garden has its own microclimate), we are unable to guarantee the winter survivability of the list of tender plants located at the end of this section.
  2. Some tender woody plants (designated by a bright red label) and perennials are guaranteed for the current growing season only.
  3. We offer excellent advice on planting and maintaining your plants. Obvious failure to follow these guidelines will void the guarantee.
  4. No replacement will be given if the plant failure is due to owner neglect, inadequate maintenance, severe weather (such as high winds, drought, ice storms, etc.), pet or insect damage, vandalism, or deer damage; in other words, factors we cannot control.
  5. If at any time your plants do not look healthy, bring a sample into the Garden Center as soon as possible for analysis.
  6. If a guaranteed plant does not survive and is still under warranty, bring back the dead plant and the sales receipt and we will replace your plant with a new one of equal value, a or store credit. We do not replant replacement plants. All replacements are one time only and the replacement plants will carry no warranty. Sorry, no cash refunds.
  7. One of our suppliers (Eaton Farms) is offering an extended guarantee on the plants they grow for us. Please ask for details. Those plants will be clearly labeled: please save the plant labels and receipts.
  8. Plants sold at discount or on sale may not be eligible for replacement: Please ask.

Returns (Plants and/or Store Items)
Because of the perishable nature of plants, we will accept the return of a plant within 10 days, with your receipt, for an exchange. The plant must be in its original condition and kept watered on a daily basis until the return is made.

If returning non-perishable items, you must bring back the item in an unused condition with your receipt, within 30 days. Houseplants and annuals are non-returnable.