At the nursery

Here at O'Donal's Nurseries, we take great pride in bringing you the healthiest variety of plant material possible.

We have an amazing variety of plant material! Come into the nursery, wander around our many display gardens and prepare to be inspired. We have rows and rows of potted or balled and burlapped shrubs, and our perennials!

If you don't see what you want, just ask one of our Knowledgeable staff. It's a sure bet we can find exactly the plant to suit you!

Many plants are available either b&b (balled and burlapped) or container grown, and we empahsize the fact that most plants growing in a container or dug when dormant and kept moist can be safely planted from early spring until late fall.

During the peak seasons we cannot usually dig plants while the customer waits, and we ask that you place an order for a later date. However, most items are available and ready to go in our sales area.

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