Conference room
O'Donal's Conference Center   
We are simply crazy about learning new things about plants and sharing this knowledge.

Throughout the season we offer a wide variety of free, educational, hands-on seminars and lectures. Our presenters graciously share copious amounts of green-wisdom to all who attend!

And we were so crazy about sharing and learning that we didn't let the fact that we didn't have any place to hold a seminar hinder us. And you dedicated folks took it in stride. Under a tree, in the lunch room (ugh), the shop where the equipment is serviced….enough!

Our own handy, multi-talented crew built an addition onto the garden center for seminars and other gatherings. If you haven't already seen it, you simply must. It's everything a seminar space should be - dry, well lighted, plenty of room. And best of all, we don't have to guess where to put the chairs. Please join us!